Letter to President Trump on behalf of Citizens for a Secure and Safe America

Letter to President Trump on behalf of Citizens for a Secure and Safe America (download PDF).

October 17, 2019

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President: I am contacting you today on behalf of Citizens for a Secure and Safe America, a 501(c)(3) Educational Foundation based in Washington, D.C., https://www.c4ssa.com. We have met before, and as you may recall, our organization promotes America’s national security interests through support of policies that lead to a free and democratic Syria.

Mr. President, as I have told you before, we believe you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for your leadership in Idlib. Last year, you spoke out as Assad, Russia and Iran were closing in on three million civilians in Idlib. Because of your leadership, Assad, Putin and Iran backed down and three million Syrians were saved – one million of them children. As an expression of our gratitude, Syrian Americans are actively working to nominate you for the Peace Prize, and already, more than twenty thousand American citizens have signed the petition.

You have also restored American’s strength in the world. Unlike your predecessor, you bombarded Assad’s military airport when he launched chemical weapons against civilians. We are grateful for this display of strength. The world now knows: you mean what you say.

We support your recent actions in Syria and believe that media reports of your decisions have been unfair. Recent coverage virtually ignores the five hundred thousand Syrians killed at the hands of Assad, Iran and Russia. This coverage also ignores the role President Obama had in creating these problems. It is President Obama who refused to enforce his red line in Syria and emboldened Assad, Iran and Russia.

Turkey is not an enemy of the Syrian people. In fact, Turkey has hosted 3.5 million Syrian refugees in recent years (far more than any other country) providing these refugees with shelter, health care, food, education and, maybe most importantly, dignity. The truth is Turkey has the right to protect its borders, and we understand its security concerns. The YPG and other Kurdish militia are not angels. They have committed their fair share of crimes against Syrian citizens. Moreover, the media seems to ignore that it was President Obama who forged this 1100 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 1250, Washington, D.C. 20036 relationship – disenfranchising most other Kurds and other Syrians. Along the way, President Obama created yet another fault line in the Middle East.

We are Americans first, and we support your efforts to bring American troops home. America should not be in the business of protecting another country’s borders. We do regret any loss of lives. Like you, we believe Turkey should abide by the 30 km zone and should withdraw immediately when a free democratic Syria is established. We also believe there needs to be a no-fly zone over the rest of northeast Syria. We ask that Turkey abide by their commitment to protect the Kurds, and that YPG be prevented from delivering the rest of the northeast region to the Assad regime, Iran and Russia. Iran remains the biggest threat to America’s national security and should be prevented from establishing its land bridge to the Mediterranean.

I understand that you have a very busy schedule, but I am writing to request a meeting between you and a select group of Syrian Americans who are involved in C4SSA. Your administration has been very kind to host us for staff level meetings. But, we hope to see you again to discuss the future of Syria and the appropriate vision for elections in that country in 2022.

As we have discussed, we don’t want Syria to be a home for terrorists, and we sincerely believe it is in America’s national security interest to help the people of Syria live in a free, secular, stable and prosperous country.

We would be grateful for any time that you could spend with us.


Dr. Rim Al-Bezem
Board of Directors
Citizens for A Secure and Safe America

Dr. Tarek Kteleh
Board Member
Citizens for A Secure and Safe America