Conversation about Syria between President Trump and Dr. Rim Albezem April 2018.

This video is a private conversation between the President of our Organization, Dr Rim Albezem and President Trump about Syria.
It was leaked to the public by a Ukrainian Busniessman who apparently recorded the meeting.

It was published in NY times, Washington Post and other media outlets.
Dr Rim Albezem and Hayvi Bouzo from CSSA told President Trump how Assad allowed ISIS to thrive.

President Trump initially was under the impression that although Assad is a very bad guy who used chemical weapons against his people, he was also fighting ISIS.

Both, Dr Rim and Hayvi detailed to the President how Asaad facilitated the creation of ISIS by letting them out of prisons and sending them to Iraq to kill Americans.

Dr Rim also explained how the oil revenue in the NE where American troops were and SDF went to Assad and a few middlemen.
For Example, one of those middleman was able to buy the Four seasons hotel . -Samer Foz-

They suggested to use this revenue to support our troops instead of making it go to Assad.

Also suggested to sanction those middlemen who are stealing the oil revenue.

President Trump was kind enough to listen and requested more information about those middlemen.

He spoke highly about Syria culture and attributed a lot of the atrocities in Syria to Obama failure to deliver on his redline.

Both Dr Rim and Hayvi thanked President Trump for his decisive action to punish Assad when he used chemical weapons and told him how Syrians and Syrian American celebrated that.