Citizens for a Secure and Safe America Board Members Attend NDAA Signing Ceremony

1. Dr. Rim Al-Bezem, Congressman Michael McCaul, R-TX, Ranking Member on the
House Foreign Affairs Committee, Dr. Tarek Kteleh, and Congressman Joe Wilson,
R-SC. Senior House Foreign Relations Committee Member. 
2. Dr. Rim Al-Bezem with Sec. of Defense, Mark Esper and Congressman Micheal
Waltz, R-FL.

Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, December 21, 2019. Yesterday, Dr. Rim Al-Bezem and Dr. Tarek Kteleh, board members of Citizens for a Secure and Safe America ( were invited by the White House to attend the signing ceremony for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) led by President Donald J. Trump.

“We thank the Congress for including the Caesar Civilian Protection act in the NDAA Authorization bill, and applaud the President for signing it into law,” stated Dr. Rim Al-Bezem. Dr. Tarek Kteleh added, “These provisions will hold Assad and his backers in Iran and Russia accountable for the gross human rights violations against the Syrian people, and provides hope for millions who want to return to a free, stable and independent Syria.”

Dr. Al-Bezem ended with “It is an honor to be invited to the signing ceremony by the White House to witness the historic final step to make Caesar the law of the land. It is a testament to the important work we have been undertaking.”


Citizens for a Secure and Safe America is a 501c(3) educational foundation, whose mission is to strengthen, promote and enhance the global national security of the United States of America, with a specific emphasis on ensuring a free, democratic and stable Syria.  

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